August Wilson Project

The Project

We reject any attempt to blot us out, to reinvent our history and ignore our presence or to maim our spiritual product.

August Wilson


Hindustani meets the Blues in a soft glow of theatre.

Black meets its shades.

Drawing from the themes of August Wilson’s ten plays called the Pittsburgh Cycle, the project is an attempt to breach the ‘narrow domestic walls’ (to quote Rabindranath Tagore) that seems to be cropping up every day in our hearts and minds.

The work will NOT be an enactment of Wilson’s plays, instead it will be a response to his writings. A response that is deeply personal and filled with music.

These are still early days as we probe, meander, explore and unravel. In case you have any queries, we’d be happy to respond to them to the best of our current knowledge.

Forever we arrive, forever we leave;
Forever, day and night, we are on the move.
Whence we come, where we go,
Forever in the cycle of birth and death,
From nothingness to nothingness.
But sure, a mystery here abides,
A Something, for us to know.
It cannot all be meaningless

Lal Ded


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